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You might as well have come to work drunk if you did this

You wouldn’t knock back a few beers before coming to work at the call center. But if you did this, you might as well have hit happy hour.

Going to work after only four or five hours of sleep can have the same affect on alertness as a blood alcohol-level of 0.1%, Australian researchers found. That’s about three beers for an average-size female contact center agent. And it can have a seriously negative affect on contact center productivity.

Of course, contact center leaders can’t dictate how much sleep their agents get each night. But to keep agents sharp, you might want to pass along tips on how to get an adequate amount of shut-eye – seven to eight hours.

  • Set an alarm for bedtime. That’s right, set the buzzer so you’re in bed when it goes off (and don’t forget to turn on the wake-up alarm!)
  • Wind down. Most people need an hour to get ready for bed – preparing for the next day, grooming and relaxing – before being able to fall asleep.
  • Stay gadget-free. Turn off the TV, computer, cell phone, etc., which only stimulate people more.

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