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You can get 30% more done today if you do this

One bold move could help you get 30% more done today than you did yesterday or the day before that or … 

Turn off one distraction – preferably an electronic one.

Online distractions in contact centers such as e-mail alerts and Web surfing, coupled with old-school distractions such as co-worker interruptions, eat up almost a third of the average work day, Basex research found.

Now imagine all the customers you could help, paperwork you could finish or errands you could cross off your to-do list if you had another two productive hours.

Try these tips to curb some distractions:

  • Turn around. Face a wall, not a door or window where others might walk by and interrupt you.
  • Post daily “independent work hours” when others can’t interrupt, and don’t let PDAs or smartphones interfere either.
  • Turn off e-mail alerts and leave your cell phone out of sight and earshot for several hours each day.

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