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Yes, they’re gossiping about your bad manners

Someone took the last cup, and didn’t refill the pot? It doesn’t go unnoticed, and here’s why:

Almost half the people who work in contact centers won’t cover for lackadaisical manners. And those in the bad habit of making loud, personal calls at work can count on 65% of co-workers to gossip about it.

So it might be time to share this tip sheet on returning to good manners at work:

  • Get up and talk to employees and colleagues who are just a few feet away, rather than send an e-mail or call.
  • Listen to voice mail messages with the receiver next to your ear, not on speaker.
  • Hold your tongue when upset with technology and people. Don’t raise your voice or use curse words in the office.
  • Make coffee if you take the last cup. Wash your dishes in the break room. Clean out leftovers that are past their prime from the office refrigerator.

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