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Why you want to broaden your smile a little or ask customers one more friendly question

Customers think you’re helpful, one study says. But your contact center might be lacking in this.

More than 40% of customers say the companies they deal with are helpful, but most of them aren’t doing anything extra to keep their business, the American Express Global Customer Service Barometer found.

Bottom line: Doing the minimum isn’t enough for many customers these days. As the economy improves, customers have more options and will move on to to other providers when they feel slighted.

But contact center agents can make small efforts – giving extra time or kindness – to keep more customers loyal. Two tips:

  • Ask one more question. Before hanging up or ending a chat or email exchange, agents can ask, “Is there anything else I can do today to make this a great experience?” Customers should open up about anything that was less than ideal.
  • Invite customers to see or experience something new. Make customers feel special by giving them news or a sneak-peak at something that’s coming up. For instance, say, “Since you’re such a great customer, I wanted to let you know that we’ll offer discounts on that item next month. I can give you advance notice, if you’d like.” Or, “We’re launching a new line, and we love opinions from great customers like you. Can I give you a link to see it before it comes out?”

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