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Why you need a social media policy – and a solid sample to follow

Whether your contact center helps customers via social media or not, your agents are probably active in that online arena. So you need a social media policy.

Here’s one that can guide, redirect or confirm yours. They are principles originally created for the Coca-Cola Company and published in Marsha Collier’s The Ultimate Online Customer Service Guide.

  • Adhere to the Code of Business Conduct and other applicable policies. Remind employees that when they associate themselves with the company in social media they need to remain professional.
  • You are responsible for your actions. Employees should rely on sound judgment, common sense and company policies to maintain the company image.
  • Be a scout for compliments and complaints. Employees should monitor social media for comments about the company and forward them to an in-house e-mail for a spokesperson who can respond.
  • Let experts respond. In some cases, employees who spot comments are experts and can respond. But in most cases, online comments should go through an expert or spokesperson.
  • Mix business and personal posting cautiously. They will undoubtedly intersect. Remember that every posted item can be seen by anyone.

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