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Why you might lose good people

Your job is so hot right now, you might lose good employees. Here’s why.

One in four hiring managers need to fill customer service positions this year, a CareerBuilder survey just found. So they may be trying to lure away your good people.

Companies that kept their heads above the water line the last two years want to rebuild customer relationships. And who better to do it than frontline contact center pros?

To hold on to the great contact center agents you  have:

  • Compare your pay and benefits to others in your area. If they aren’t at least even, you’re at risk of a mass exodus.
  • Be flexible. Workers look for job flexibility as much as salary and perks these days.
  • Make it fun. Employees leave managers, not companies. Create an enjoyable place to work with plenty of recognition, celebrations and concern for employees’ work/life balance.

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