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Why underperformers get away with slacking off

Sorry to tell you this, contact center leaders: You have more under-performers than you think, and their co-workers are likely covering up for them.

Turns out, almost 60% of employees will try to help their underperforming friends at work rather than tell the boss what’s really going on, a Monster Worldwide poll just found. Another 11% will keep their lips sealed if the boss doesn’t take notice.

Who will be a tattle-tale? A little more than 25% will speak up if the team’s success is on the line. Almost 5% will tell on under-achievers if it’ll get them ahead in the workplace.

One big problem: Even if agents won’t speak up, it doesn’t mean they don’t resent the slackers. In fact, if agents see others get by doing less, they’ll often start to slack themselves or quit in search of a boss who doesn’t turn a blind eye to poor work.

What contact center leaders can do: Pay attention. Hold every agent accountable to the same criteria. Lay out real consequences, leading up to and including, termination – for agents who fail to reach goals, act appropriately and do their part.

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