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Why Sales shouldn’t focus too much on the competition

Some salespeople have a relentless focus on the competition and use it as a benchmark for comparison. They look at the competition’s products and pricing in an attempt to stay competitive. 

The wrong sales strategy

The strategy of comparing your business to your close competitor means you’re more likely to become a me-too enterprise that’s just a little better, faster or cheaper. That may not be the best position to be in considering today’s knowledgeable customers.

True leaders forget about the competition. They don’t focus on what the other guys are doing. They may even benchmark themselves in industries outside of their own — looking to any companies or salespeople who are coming up with creative ways to sell products or services. They get away from the comfort of their peer group and see what they can learn from those outside their industry.

Solve their problems

Your customers aren’t looking to satisfy your ego, and they don’t really care what you think about the stuff you sell or what you’re competitors are selling. They want you to solve their problems. Salespeople who take the time to understand the needs of prospects and then develop information to educate them are usually the most successful.

Understand the problems you solve

By working to understand the problems your products and services solve for prospects, you’ll gain the insight you need to develop a successful presentation. More importantly, you’ll be coming up with your own ideas and not simply following the pack.

Adapted from: The New Rules of Sales and Service by David Scott, an internationally acclaimed marketing and sales strategist.

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