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Why most contact center leaders don’t even know if their training works

Is your training as effective as it should be? There has to be a better way to measure it than this.

More than 60% of contact center leaders say “guesswork” is how they measure the effectiveness of their training efforts, according to an ESI International study.

Remember: No one can manage what they don’t measure. So contact center leaders want to take a more systematic approach to training. Try this:

  1. Start small. Aim to improve one metric or step in the customer experience.
  2. Measure it. Find out where you stand currently.
  3. Train to the specific goal, nothing else. Keep training sessions short and focused.
  4. Follow up on training. Send email reminders of the information several times after training until the new goal is scheduled to be met.
  5. Reevaluate. Measure the metric or get customer feedback on the experience.

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