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Why do customers want you on social media? (Hint: It’s not the reason you were thinking)

Customers probably don’t want you on social media for the reasons you were thinking. Instead, here’s what researchers found.

Turns out, most customers are using social media to review what you do – both well and not-so-well – a Society for New Communications Research survey recently found.

They’re using it for reasons other than customer support. The top three:

  • 74% look for online feedback and reviews
  • 72% research companies before making purchases, and
  • 59% use social sites to vent customer care frustration

What’s important about this research is contact centers don’t want to push customers too forcefully to social media for support. That’s the one case when they still prefer a personal touch.

Instead, offer social media as a channel where customers can exchange ideas, learn from each other (and your agents when necessary) and find details specific to their needs.

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