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Why customers still say, ‘Service stinks!’

Customers are happy with customer service one day. But the next day can be a different story. There is a reason why.

Customer service is inconsistent.

Customers say they can’t get issues resolved across all communication channels as quickly and correctly as they’d like at any given time, according to the recent CX Act Customer TouchPoint Stress Test.

Resolution is tough

First off, customers painted different pictures of the kind of experience they’ve had across channels. Here’s how often they said they could get issues resolved:

  • Phone — 86% of the time
  • Chat — 70%
  • Email — 44%, and
  • Facebook — 27%.

Even though customers get some of their issues resolved across those channels, that doesn’t mean they’re satisfied with the results, though. These stats represent “very satisfied” with the level of service in each channel:

  • Phone — 58%
  • Chat — 40%
  • Email — 22%, and
  • Facebook — 17%.

We can all do better

Customers increasingly want and use online channels to get answers and fixes. Yet, the online channels aren’t keeping up with the most traditional channel, the telephone. Reason: The personal contact involved in a phone conversation helps with resolution rates and customer satisfaction.

But there are some ways service pros can make the online sources more personal and practical.

Try these tips in your customer service center:

  • Respond quickly. Only offer live chat if you have the resources to respond immediately. Establish automatic responses indicating you received email and offering a timeline on when customers will receive a personal response. For Facebook and other social media, monitor them during business hours, and post when customers can expect responses.
  • Be personable. When possible, include first names and last initials, plus photos of reps who interact with customers online. While the language must remain professional, encourage reps to interject some “small talk,” such as reference to a shared favorite product or a kind word about the customers’ profile photo.
  • Be helpful. Reps can still go above and beyond the call of duty for online interactions. For example, after they’ve helped, they could send a link to a useful industry study or white paper.

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