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Why customers might ‘opt out’ or ‘unlike’ you

Customers who once loved you may leave you. Here’s why.

They’re getting too much stuff in their in boxes – and they’re sick of it. That’s what a new study just found.

More than half of customers who once subscribed to email lists (such as newsletters and promotions) from a company opted out in the past year. Almost 65% of customers who liked companies on Facebook broke it off by hitting “unlike” on their social media pages. And for those who “tweet,” 39% stopped following a company on Twitter.

Most customers say there’s one reason behind their exodus. They’re sick of being inundated with too much, boring or repetitive information.

So how does your contact center stay in good graces with customers who like you on Facebook, follow you on Twitter or take your company’s mass email?

Slow down and add value. Experts say send them a combination of special offers and useful information at regular intervals.

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