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Why contact centers find social media difficult

Social media should be easy, right? It’s casual, viral and the hottest thing going. But like any trend (think Hot Pants), it’s a little tougher than that.

Most companies are involved in social media, whether they  have Facebook fans, a wildly successful blog or millions of Twitter followers. But many companies admit it’s not something that’s coming easily to them, the recent Social Customer Engagement Index found.

Contact centers are handling more inquiries and complaints via social media this year compared to last year. It’s turning into a huge customer preference.

Now most contact centers are posed with this struggle: Not enough resources to handle it. Nearly half of the study respondents said they don’t have the resource allocations needed to take it all on. They lack the workforce, technology and support and understanding from the C-Level.

If that’s your struggle, try these steps:

  1. Use complaints as proof. Keep close tabs on the issues that come to you via social media, how long they took to be resolved and the outcomes.
  2. Show the difference. Compare the social media facts to what’s happening in your other channels. Is it faster? Are customers more satisfied with the answers (and possibly change their tune online)? Did the work require fewer resources?
  3. Rely on the data to make your requests for resources. The C-level usually wants to hear about the bottom line. Allocating resources to the smartest possible places will fit into their plans.

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