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Why contact center leaders fail – and how to avoid the pitfalls

Why do some contact center leaders who seem to have it all end up failing? The answers might surprise you.

The misstep that hurts the most: failing to build strong relationships and teams. About 40% of professionals in a Right Management survey said that when leaders don’t connect with colleagues and subordinates and don’t build a sense of community within their teams, they don’t succeed.

A leader’s mismatch with corporate culture accounts for only 26% of failures. Bringing in poor results only brings down 25% of leaders.

It’s just as important to practice good soft skills with employees and colleagues as it is with customers. Leaders who build relationships succeed in the workplace, researchers found.

Here are a few ways leaders can grow relationships:

  • Stay positive. Leaders who are practical about tough situations, and focus on the light at the end of the tunnel, can keep up team morale.
  • Spend time at the water cooler. Talk to employees about what’s important to them – their kids’ soccer games, art classes, hobbies and favorite shows. Reveal some of your personal side, too. Avoid gossip, though.
  • Meet one-on-one regularly. Nurture employees’ work and home lives by making sure their workload is balanced. Help them find new challenges and learning opportunities that excite them.

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