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Why agents might not trust you

Open or clear the lines of communication with agents – or you may face turnover in your contact center. Here’s why.

One in four employees have less trust in their managers than they did a year ago, a Maritz Research study recently found. And only 10% trust that the management at their company makes the right decisions at critical times.

What’s more likely happening: Bosses in management meetings aren’t relaying everything their agents want to know, researchers suggested.  Even worse, leaders aren’t getting feedback from their people and sharing it with executives.

The lack of communication can cause agents to fill the gaps with gossip, which often leads to lower morale and turnover.

To combat these issues:

  • Share more. Schedule meetings with agents right after management meetings so you can relay what’s happened and where the company or department is headed. Don’t share personnel issues, though.
  • Solicit feedback. Give agents time to absorb the information and ask them to email suggestions and comments on it so you can take it back up the chain of command.
  • Take it full circle. Let agents what will be done with their ideas. Explain the reasons some can’t be used and encourage agents to keep the feedback coming to you.

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