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Why a different ‘voice’ might curb call volume

Put this kind of voice on your automated phone system, and you might curb call volume.

Many companies have found that using a nicer, more competent-sounding recorded voice entices more customers to use automated services. So fewer customers are punching the “talk to a representative” option.

That’s saving companies money. One IBM researcher found calls to agents cost companies between $3 and $9. A call handled through automation costs less than 10 cents.

Many companies hope the softer tone will increase customer satisfaction. Aflac has already seen it happen. Satisfaction rose 7% in the four months since a voice change, company officials said.

While Aflac and other big corporations hire actors to create their messages, you can do it less expensively. Ask contact center reps with softer, confident voices to make recordings and use the best of the bunch.

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