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Why 1 in 3 agents say managers are ineffective

Some contact center leaders are failing their agents – and they don’t even know it. Here’s what new research found.

Many managers are ineffective, employees claimed in the study by Development Dimensions International (DDI).

More than a third of employees say their direct managers are largely ineffective. The result of that dynamic: The same employees are rarely motivated to do their best.

Here are other management pitfalls that employee say they experience – plus strategies to avoid them in your contact center:

  • 70% say their manager fails to stay calm or give constructive feedback when a performance issue arises. To avoid this: Praise in public, hold criticism for private conversations. Positive talk belongs on the contact center floor. Arrange one-on-one meetings for performance coaching.
  • More than 50% say their bosses didn’t understand their needs or failed to get their feedback on what would help them do their jobs more effectively. To avoid this: Interact weekly. Coach monthly. Meet quarterly. If there are no immediate performance issues, make a point to chat socially weekly. Reach out monthly, asking agents what they need to do their jobs better. Review performance and create new goals and plans to meet them quarterly.
  • About 35% say their bosses play favorites, fawning attention and time on the top agents. To avoid this: It’s a tough balance, but it must be made. Spend about 40% of your time with middle-of-the-road performers, 40% with the top performers and 20% with low performers, who can suck the energy out of everyone. If they can’t improve, cut them loose before they cause resentment and low morale in the contact center.

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