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Who’s tops at Twitter?

Some customers are tweeting, and most companies aren’t listening.

Nearly half of the tweets on Twitter about companies, their products and customer service fall on deaf ears, a recent STELLAService survey found. But a couple of companies are providing outstanding service on the social media channel. and answered 100% of tweets (questions researchers had posted) withing 24 hours over a 45-day period. Compared to overall lackluster response, these two retailers stood out.

Only about 44% of tweets got responses within 24 hours from the other top 25 online retailers, researchers found.

At, only five customer care employees handle responses on Twitter. So in a smaller organization, it might take just one person to keep up with Twitter and ensure a 24-hour response time. Plus, many vendors now offer software that notifies you when your company is mentioned on Twitter (and other social media platforms.)

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