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Who’s complaining online – and who’s not

Are your customers the most likely these days to post their complaints online – and not give you a chance to fix their issues? Find out here.

Almost a quarter of customers under the age of 35 express their negative views of companies and their Customer Service online. What’s more, they’d rather post their nasty ideas than contact the call center, an Accenture study found.

Just about 10% of customers between the ages of 35 and 44 get in on the cyber rants. The rest still call or email for their complaints to be heard.

Ideally, customers would give contact center agents the chance to resolve issues before they air the problems online. But a growing number of customers don’t these days.

That’s why contact centers want to proactively monitor online mentions regularly. Contact centers can set up Google Alerts to find posts. Savvy agents can search and monitor blogs and consumer sites, such as

Even better, your contact center can join or start the conversation with customers who want to talk, compliment and complain online. Make efforts for agents to start or get involved in the company’s social media presence.

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