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Who says the contact center is a ‘cost center’?

Contact centers have long tried to shed the image of “cost center.” Has it worked?

Not so much. About three-quarters of executives and managers in a recent Contact Centers of America and KANA survey said they view contact centers as cost centers. The rest of the respondents feel the contact center adds value and generates revenue, researchers found.

That’s not the kind of moniker any contact center wants to keep.

So how can you shed it? Up- and cross-sells are a start.

If agents are taking orders, they can offer customers products and services that complement what customers need. The key is to offer only what will benefit them – not something you’re trying to move. When agents establish themselves as product experts, customers will appreciate the sound advice (and likely buy more).

Once agents have adequate knowledge on what to offer under which circumstances, contact center leaders need to keep data on the increased sales and regularly share it across the organization so it becomes evident that the contact center is a profit center.

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