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Who really wants online help? The answer will surprise you

Mostly younger customers crave customer service help online, right? Not so fast …

That’s a broad and somewhat erroneous assumption, recent research has found.

Turns out, customers from the ages of 18 to 45 are almost equally inclined to prefer online channels for customer support, a Forrester Research report found.

That means the majority of online shoppers want to do more than browse your website for products and reviews. They want to chat online, use mobile apps and click to email or make a purchase.

But beware: If you aren’t staffed properly to keep up with these online channels, you might not want to bother offering them. Customers expect easy navigation and almost immediate responses to websites inquiries.

If those expectations aren’t met, customer satisfaction with the site, service and the company will drop. Then, because there’s no human interaction, no one will have the opportunity to win back the customer.

Best bet: Ease into online service, track its use and staff accordingly.

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