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What’s distracting us most from our work?

Almost all of us are distracted at work. Here’s what’s causing the biggest problems — and how to overcome them.

These distractions often prevent contact center pros from doing the best possible jobs, according to new research from the York College of Pennsylvania’s 2012 Professionalism in the Workplace Study.

Leaders say these are the top technical distractions:

  • Facebook/Twitter (83%)
  • Text messaging (82%)
  • Surfing the web (78%)
  • Personal calls (65%)

Most of these distractions are at agents’ hands all day — so it’s getting tougher for them to stay focused.

One fix: Talk to IT about blocking social media sites at agents’ desks. Then, so it won’t have an effect on morale, give agents access to computers where they can check Facebook during their breaks.

Another tip: Many contact centers forbid the use of personal cell phones on the floor. That will prevent text and personal call distractions.

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