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What employees really think of your best practices

You insist on best practices because they’re … well, the best. But are they?

According to many employees, those best practices actually get in their way of doing a better job.

About 47% of employees and leaders believe some best practices prevent them from achieving the best results, a recent Fierce Inc. survey found.

So think about it: That form agents must file or approval everyone must get may curtail productivity more than it adds to accuracy.

But some best practices are just that – the best way to do things. Experts identified these daily practices that pay off in any contact center, department or organization. Make sure they’re on your best practices:

  • Be transparent. Companies that keep issues, policies, practices and missions open for discussion with employees perform the best. Hold meetings, send email blasts and talk informally so communication flows daily from the front lines to the executive offices and back around.
  • Be accountable. The most well-run operations give employees the training and power to do their jobs well and expect them to be accountable for the decisions they make.  The key here is to provide agents with opportunities to learn more and expand their responsibilities and capabilities.
  • Be open. Employees flourish in organizations where a best practice is to accept their feedback, evaluate it and use what’s valuable to make the organization better (thus they’re continuously finding new employee-fueled best practices). The best way to get agents to give valuable feedback and ideas is to use what they offer – or explain exactly why an idea won’t work.

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