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What are your odds of a successful sale? Here’s the answer

Contact center agents talk to customers more than anyone, so it makes sense for them to cross- or up-sell. What are the odds they’ll be successful?

It’s promising, according to new research from Coveo and Omega Management Group Corp.

Most (54%) of contact center leaders say as much as 25% of interactions generate revenue when agents try to up- or cross-sell, the study found. It may happen only 5% of the time for some companies – and 23% of the time for others – but the centers generate revenue.

That’s relieved some operations of their long-time “cost center” reputation.

These tips might help agents succeed at sales more often:

  • Focus on the solution. Agents don’t want to suggest products or services until customers are satisfied with what they have or what’s been done.
  • Ask questions. Agents want to uncover a need, rather than randomly offer a product or service.
  • Be ready. If agents know what products or services naturally complement each other, they’ll almost always be equipped to suggest something that customers will want.

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