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Everyone hates the schedule – now what?

You go to great measures to create a fair schedule in your contact center — and agents still complain about it. Here’s what to do when they hate the schedule.

Before scheduling hurts morale and productivity, take these steps from The Contact Center Association:

  1. Gauge satisfaction.  Survey agents, asking them to rate group and individual schedules and the scheduling process.
  2. Get focused. Invite agents to be part of a focus group that learns about scheduling constraints and airs their issues with the process.
  3. Create and simulate. Create new schedules and run a simulation, allowing agents to  poke holes in it to work out the final kinks before implementing.

And try these unique ways to re-work schedules:

  • Mix full- and part-time shifts, assigning full-timers first and filling in gaps with part-timers.
  • Allow missed time by having the agent who leaves two hours early to make it up in the same pay period during hours management chooses.
  • Offer shopping/gym time or two-hour lunches with shifts in arrival and leave time as alternatives to traditional lunch periods.
  • Switch break times to different hours during the week to meet demand.
  • Change 40-hour shifts to 8×5, 4×10, 3×12.5, etc.
  • Allow agents (who’ve earned the privilege) to trade schedules.

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