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What makes customers happier — your online or offline service?

What’s better at most companies these days — the help they offer online or offline?

Turns out, customers are happier with online service.

The good news: They aren’t exactly unhappy with traditional help, such as over the phone and in person.

More than 70% of customers are satisfied with the service they receive online, the recent Arnold Worldwide survey found. Just about 70% said the same of offline service.

So why does online service outperform offline situations? For one, customers can get help or information when it’s most convenient to them. They also like the ease of filling in information once, and usually not having to do it again.

But there’s one thing online service will always struggle to provide — a personal experience. Those are important when customers deal with complex situations or errors. So it still might be a good idea to direct customers to your 800-number when facing those issues.

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