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What do customers use most to get your attention?

You give customers a heap of options for contacting you, but what are they using most?

It’s the ph0ne – and we’re not talking about using smartphone apps or mobile feeds. Customers still call contact centers more than they send email, use social media or chat online.

About 70% of contact center leaders in a recent Noble Systems survey said real life voice service still accounts for the majority of communication with customers.

So the majority of training still needs to be focused on phone skills. Encourage agents to try these tips:

  • Answer each call with enthusiasm. It starts every conversation on the right foot, and just might disarm a disgruntled customer.
  • Keep the conversation alive. Tell customers what you’re doing as you look up information or do anything that leaves a silence (and them wondering if you’re still helping).
  • End on the right note. Give customers more than a good-bye. Tell them about something they can look forward to – perhaps extended service hours, an industry event, upcoming product launch, etc.

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