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What customers hate about contact centers

Here’s what customers hate most about contact centers – and what you can do to prevent them from happening.

In fact, 73% of customers who left companies last year said these were the top reasons, according to a Genesys study. They:

  • had to repeat information
  • felt trapped in automated service
  • had to wait too long for help
  • dealt with employees who didn’t know enough about them, and
  • couldn’t easily switch from one communication channel to another.

One recurring theme in this list: Customers want help quickly and at their convenience. To give more help on their timetable, try this:

Post or announce your busiest times so customers know the best times for quicker help. Also, rather than leave them in queue, give customers the option for a call back from an agent. Even better, let them pick the time for the call.

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