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What agents really want when it comes to recognition

New research reveals what kind of recognition works best – and it works so well because it’s exactly what agents want.

Money still talks the loudest when it comes to recognition for a job well done. But it doesn’t do all the talking.

When OfficeTeam researchers asked employees, “What kind of recognition do you value most?”:

  • 38% said rewards, such as money
  • 21% said growth opportunities such as new projects and challenges
  • 19% said praise, either verbal or written, and
  • 20% said they don’t need any kind of recognition: They know they’re doing a fine job.

On the upside, more than 80% of employees said they got enough recognition at work.

Of course, that doesn’t mean contact center leaders are off the hook for praising and rewarding agents. Instead, use every day as an opportunity to thank at least one agent for what he or she does to keep operations running smoothly.

At least quarterly, get the group together for individual and group recognition and rewards. Also, encourage agents to recognize each other for outstanding work.

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