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7 ways to make tweets, posts and all customer content better

Customers will only read what you write — in social media, email or marketing collateral — if the content is worthwhile. These writing tips will help you make it just that. 

Whether you’re in Customer Service, Sales or Marketing, you have and will write something for customers — from 140-character tweets to white papers and everything in between.

Keep these handy

These tips will help you pull together a message customers will read and act on. Keep them handy when you start writing:

  • Spend more time on the title. The headline (or subject line) is like a first impression. You can’t win over anyone if you don’t make it outstanding.
  • Give them the takeaway early. You aren’t giving anything away by telling your readers what they’ll get for bearing with you the whole way. Tell them how they’ll benefit from reading what you’ve written.
  • Be vivid. Use figurative language, imagery and metaphors. People will remember the pictures you create more than the words you write.
  • Don’t be the authority. Support what you write with information experts gave you or details from another written or online source — then cite them.
  • Know your audience. As you write, think constantly, “Why is this important to the reader?”
  • Guide them. Don’t be afraid to tell customers where and when the information is applicable to them.
  • Revise and edit. A first draft is never a last draft. Rewrite, and then have a co-worker read and/or edit it.

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