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5 incredibly unique ways to reignite customer service staff

Whether it’s the end of your fiscal year or the start of your busy season, there’s a good chance your customer service staff is feeling burned out. No fear! There are unique ways to reignite them.

Customer service employees are some of the hardest working people who deliver the customer experience. They probably love their work — but face some of the toughest situations, which can lead to stress and burnout.

Combat stress

To combat that stress and ensure front-line staff stay motivated to deliver an outstanding customer experience, most contact center leaders use a bunch of reward and recognition tactics.

These ideas rise to the top in a list compiled by Employment and Labor Law Solutions provider Littler:

  • Build a shark tank. At Chicago-based Geneca, employees are invited to participate in the “Innovation Challenge/Shark Tank” — named after the hit TV show Shark Tank. That’s where they can introduce innovative ideas. Winners get funding from the company to develop their products and ideas. The first winner was a 10-employee team (comprised of workers from different departments) that created an application that allowed employees to recognize and award prizes to colleagues for exceptional work.
  • Make the news. Front-line employees at Four Seasons Hotel in Boston get a chance to help put together its twice-monthly, worker-produced newscast. They can take turns as anchors, photographers, script writers and film editors. It’s called “Experience News” and has featured stories on topics such as a hotel chef who delivers turkeys to a food bank and a Haitian doorman who talks about returning to his homeland after the 2010 earthquake. They do the work on the clock — and have fun doing it.
  • Work for a greater good. Swift Worldwide Resources gives all employees a day off on the same day to allow them to volunteer in their communities. Each location picks its charity — such as a food bank, an animal shelter or a clothing drive — and volunteers spend the day helping in any way they’re needed. Employees say it’s a good break from normal work and a pleasure to help others.
  • Recognize the best work — even when it’s not company-related. Domino’s Pizza regularly recognizes employees for their best work, regardless of where or why it happens, with its “Deliver More” campaign. For instance, one employee won an award for dropping the pizza he was about to deliver so he could jump in a river to help a drowning man. Generally, the pizza chain uses the award to recognize employees who make connections in their community and display passion, and dedication for providing outstanding customer service.
  • Help them move. Healthy employees will perform better and be happier at work. That’s part of the reason ReadyTalk makes easy-access exercise a perk everyone likes. Employees such as desk-bound customer service pros can grab office bikes for running nearby, lunchtime errands, or they can attend regular on-site yoga classes. They also have access to an on-site gym and locker room. They can even schedule massages or visits or from an acupuncturist and chiropractor, who will visit the office.

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