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Turn middle-of-the-road performers into winners

Not all contact center agents will be superstars. But you can get middle-of-the-road performers to step up when needed. Here’s how.

Some agents will always work at the status quo level (and that’s OK, because their work helps operations move forward every day). Many will be able to step up when necessary, if leaders take these steps:

  1. Make expectations clear. Educate agents so they understand their roles and goals and how they fit into the big picture.
  2. Point out poor habits. You don’t have to point fingers at what any one in particular has done in the past. Instead, explain what kind of behaviors and habits don’t work and the best ways to do things.
  3. Explain how standards of behavior will be enforced. Let them know what will happen when higher standards aren’t reached. Explain disciplinary action and the emotional effects – i.e., co-workers will resent picking up your slack, we’ll all be disappointed, etc.
  4. Celebrate success. When status quo agents step up and succeed, rewards and recognition for exceeding their capabilities and the call of duty will likely encourage them to do it again.

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