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Top way contact centers can get customers to spend more

Customers will spend more with your company (and you’ll be the hero for it) if you do this one thing.

Tell customers what you’ve done to improve their service experience.

Two out of three customers in a Right Now survey said companies can encourage them to spend more if they improve service – and you’re likely doing that constantly.

The key: Customers might not realize you’ve made improvements, so they’re not impressed.

Use opportunities in conversations to tell customers about changes you’ve made to make things better or easier for them.


  • “We just upgraded our software so we can access your account history faster. I have the details already.
  • “I just got in-depth training on this product. I can answer any of your questions.”
  • “We added staff so we can respond to your needs more efficiently. Please tell me what I can do for you?”

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