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6 customer service sins: Are you guilty?

Customers’ complaints may vary by industry, but when it comes down to it, almost every gripe is centered around a few big issues.

Customers often feel disrespected when they deal with a company or contact center, service expert and researcher Len Berry has said.

Here are customers’ six biggest complaints – and tips on how your agents and contact center can avoid them.

  1. Someone lied or was unfair to me. Miscommunications are often construed as lies or unfairness. To prevent this: Clarify and make sure customers understand everything before hanging up.
  2. The employee was awfully harsh. Customers want to be treated with respect (even when they’re being difficult). To prevent this: Use a calm tone at all times so words and ideas always seem gentle.
  3. They were careless or made too many mistakes. To prevent this: Under promise, over deliver. Follow up to make sure customers got what they wanted when they expected it.
  4. No one would solve my problem. Customers want someone to take ownership of their issues immediately. To prevent this: Empower agents to take issues to a full resolution.
  5. I had to wait too long. Customers don’t mind waiting as much if they know what’s going on. To prevent this: Regularly update customers who are waiting to be helped or for an answer or resolution on what they can expect.
  6. No one cares about me. The number one reason customers leave companies is because of the feeling of indifference they experience. To prevent this: Greet customers by name. Welcome them back. Take their issues as seriously as they do.

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