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Top 5 things agents say would make the workplace better

Here’s what tops agents’ wish list for contact center improvements.

The good news: It’s not an expense-filled list.

According to a Staples Advantage survey, agents want:

  • elimination of office politics (44%)
  • permission to telecommute (41%)
  • technology upgrades (37%)
  • furniture upgrades (35%), and
  • more private work areas and flexible work hours (tied at 34%)

Helping eliminate office politics can improve morale and productivity in the contact center. Imagine what everyone can accomplish without gossip and backstabbing!

To reduce office politics:

  • clarify employee and company goals regularly so everyone know what’s expected and when
  • Give agents a forum to regularly ask questions so there are no communication gaps, and
  • Make merit-based employee advancement decisions and have the data to back them up.

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