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What’s keeping contact center leaders up at night? Top 5 concerns for 2012

As if there isn’t enough to worry about in contact centers right now, leaders say they already have mounting concerns for next year.

Contact center leaders may have broad shoulders to carry their concerns, but it doesn’t make those issues go away.

Here’s what they said were their main concerns for 2012, according to researchers for the Call Center Summit.

  • Empowering and engaging employees to drive business results (31%)
  • Profiting from a multi-channel/multimedia contact center (23%)
  • Positioning the contact center as a driver of business imperatives (18%)
  • Leveraging technology for efficiency and automation (18%), and
  • Creating a culture based on continuous improvement (10%).

Leaders have big picture and day-to-day issues on their minds.

One of the best ways to alleviate some of the day-to-day headaches is to keep agents motivated. After all, if they’re happy to be at work, they’ll be more productive, take initiative and satisfy customers. That will have a positive impact on the other top concerns.

One way to motivate: Encourage agents to toot their own horns. When they’ve done something well (calmed an upset customers, finished a project early, helped a co-worker in need, etc.), invite them to come tell you. Give them sincere praise and a small prize (candy bar, token for soda, pass for extra 15-minute break, etc.)

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