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Top 4 reasons the after-sale process fails

Some salespeople do a great job of selling – until the prospect buys. Then everything changes. After the prospect takes ownership of the product or service, some salespeople become scarce or even disappear.

Once a sale is complete and customers begin to use a product or service, they’re going to be anxious to see positive results. They may also have challenges and problems, and nowhere to get the answers, because the salesperson has become scarce and inattentive.

If they do hear from the salesperson, it’s usually a casual, “Hey, how’s it going?” Then the customer, not wanting to cause a conflict may say, “Pretty good.” But inside he or she may be steaming.

There are usually four reasons why salespeople don’t focus on the after-sale process.

  1. They’re focused on getting the next sale. Once they’ve made the sale, they’re on to the next one with no time to turn around and make sure the customer is getting the most for his or her money.
  2. They’re afraid to hear the results. What if they do a follow-up meeting and the customer is upset because it’s not working? It’s easier to just keep quiet and hope for the best.
  3. They’re not sure how to help the customer maximize the purchase. They know a lot about the features and benefits of a product or service, but very little on the various ways this product should be used to solve problems for customers.
  4. They forget that no product or service is excellent in and of itself. It’s excellent only if it fulfills a customer’s need. Needs change and that’s why an effective after-sale process is essential.

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