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4 reasons customers say service stinks

Customers will say service stinks if they have experiences like these.

Here are the top four customer service complaints – and ways your contact center can avoid them, according to The Telephone Doctor Nancy Friedman:

  1. “She was so rude.” It doesn’t matter if agents were professional, helpful and accurate. If customers perceive that the tone or language was anything but courteous, they’ll feel slighted. Tip: Use a sincere, light tone for voice and word choice.
  2. “He kept transferring me.” When customers call the contact center, they expect the person who answers will fix their issues. Tip: If an agent can’t fix the issue, he or she should find the answer and relay it, or introduce the customer and his issue to the person who can fix it before hanging up. Then the agent wants to follow up that it was fixed.
  3. “No one knew what to do.” Customers can’t stand incompetence. That doesn’t mean every agent has to know everything. But every agent should know where to find the answer to everything. Tip: Focus training on where to access information, not on retaining all the information.
  4. “No one seemed to care.” One word answers, blaming other people or departments and bad mouthing the company are all signs of indifference. Customers want to know agents care. Tip: Regularly train on soft skills so agents don’t make the mistake of indifference.

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