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Blunders & triumphs: 2017’s top 10 stories on what to say (and not say) to customers

Most great companies resolve to create better customer experiences each year. So this should help with your 2018 plans: Our top-rated lists on what to say and do – and what to avoid.

These lists offer insights on what mattered most to the people delivering the experiences and their customers in 2017. Each gives you quick tips and tools to kick off another year focused on customers.

Here are the most-used lists from Customer Experience Insight this year:

  1. 10 of the most powerful words to use with customers. You need to persuade, comfort and even motivate customers every day. Choose the right words, and you can accomplish that … and more.
  2. The 11 best things to say to customers. Fortunately, you have more opportunities to say the right things in customer conversations than the wrong things.
  3. 16 phrases that make a great impression on customers. You may only be able to make a first impression once, but every time you talk to customers you have the opportunity to make an even better impression.
  4. 7 ways to turn a customer “no” into a “yes.” Consider this approach: Accept the early “no” as a challenge, and take steps to re-establish rapport with the prospect to get back on track.
  5. 6 unforgivable sins of customer service. The best way to deal with a customer service problem is to prevent it from happening in the first place. Here’s what you need to know to prevent customer service problems.
  6. 8 old-school phrases that boost customer satisfaction. Whether you’re new to customer service or you’re a customer service veteran, you’ll find that some old-school practices will always be effective.
  7. The 4 worst ways to apologize to customers. Plus, here’s a guide on the one best way to make an apology.
  8. 21 crazy customer requests — and how you can respond. In most cases, customers don’t mean to ask obscure questions. What they actually want just comes out wrong. Here’s how to react to those kinds of requests.
  9. 8 things you should be saying to customers. Got a message for your customers? Here’s how to express it best.
  10. 6 costly mistakes when communicating with customers. Some poor habits, outdated practices and listening barriers get in the way of clear communication.

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