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Top 10 stories of 2018 (that will make today’s customer experience better)

If you want to make the 2019 customer experience better, look to 2018. The year was packed with ideas and techniques that will help you improve now. 

These stories were top-rated by our readers and visited time and again. They include practical, proven and cutting-edge strategies. Plus, they give insight into what mattered most to the people like you, who deliver customer experiences.

Here are the top stories from Customer Experience Insight in 2018:

  1. 23 of the best things to say to an angry customer. Upset customer let loose and then they expect you to respond. What you say (or write) next will make or break the experience.

  2. 7 deadly customer service sins. Customers only need one reason to get upset and walk away. Unfortunately, businesses provide them with a lot of these reasons.
  3. 7 writing skills you’ll need to please customers. Get ready to write! Customers will increasingly type, not call, in the coming years.
  4. 5 intelligent ways to handle irate customers. Irate customers can trigger some angst in the people trying to help them. When those volatile situations come your way, here are five clever strategies to handle them.
  5. 7 cool tips for social media customer service.  Two-thirds of customers use social media for service, and here’s how you can take care of them in that space.
  6. 4 ways to find out what customers really want. Some businesses base their selling efforts on guesswork and intuition. The most successful develop in-depth knowledge about customers and tailor their efforts.
  7. 11 things you don’t say to customers. Use the wrong words once with customers, and you may not have the chance to help them again.
  8. 6 ways service pros can help customers buy smarter. Customers can get more information than ever about you and your products. But that doesn’t mean they don’t want personal help.
  9. 4 ways to wow your customers. Do you go far enough to make the customer experience remarkable? These companies do.
  10. How to build trust with customers. Building trust from the first point of contact to the most recent customer service interaction is critical to customer relationships and loyalty.

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