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Top 10 reasons agents remain loyal to a company

Employee loyalty is about as important as customer loyalty these days. So what makes agents want to stay with you?

In good or bad economies, employees stay loyal to their companies – and help them flourish – for the same reasons, researchers at The University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School of Business found.

Managers who focus on these 10 keys will be rewarded with employees who are motivated, productive and loyal to the boss and company for the long run:

  1. Provide new challenges. Never allow the job to get stale.
  2. Offer opportunities to advance and learn. Allow agents to pick which skills they’d like to improve or gain.
  3. Create a collegial atmosphere. Promote collaboration and cooperation.
  4. Hire and promote people who are respected. Allow agents to have some say in the hiring process. Watch for their reaction to people who are being considered for promotion. (Do they treat them with respect?)
  5. Recognize accomplishments. Make it timely, too.
  6. Regularly make people feel like valued members of the team and company.
  7. Provide substantial benefits packages. Money talks, no matter how good the intangibles are.
  8. Regularly show agents how their work makes a difference to customers, colleagues and the company.
  9. Compensate fairly and equally. If you don’t, they will know.
  10. Instill a sense of pride in the company’s mission and values. Make agents a part of the mission and how it’s carried out.

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