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Ready to hire? 3 tips to make sure you get the right people

Time to ramp up your contact center. Follow these three tips to make sure you get the right people on the job.

There’s a slew of job seekers these days. Jan Ferri-Reed, president of KEY-Group suggests you do three things to make sure you hire the right candidates.

  • Assess the job. Define the skills and strengths a person needs to do the job well. Create objective ways to measure those skills. For instance, you might want to rate listening, problem-solving and cognitive skills, diplomacy and ability to calm down others.
  • Get others involved. When candidates reach a second round of interviews, involve potential co-workers in the process. They can give opinions on how well the candidates will fit in, and if they’re relationship skills are on target.
  • Paint the picture. As much as you don’t want to make a mistake in hiring, you don’t want candidates to make mistakes in choosing. Let them know the drawbacks of the work, as well as the advantages. If possible, let them sit with an employee to experience the work firsthand for some time.

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