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Customer crossed the line: 3 ways to handle him

Customer too aggressive? Here are three ways to deal with the worst of them.

Some customers call already upset. Others can turn any conversation into a hostile situation. Try these techniques to handle it:

  1. Call the customer slowly by his or her first name when a conversation takes a hostile turn. That draws his or her attention to you, and you can explain how the conversation should go forward. Example: “Ted, you continually interrupt me. Please let me finish my ideas before we discuss it further.”
  2. Lower your voice. The contrast to his or her rants and raves should slow down the pace and volume so you can discuss the situation calmly.
  3. Lay it on the line. If a customer becomes abusive or scares you in any way, end the conversation like this: “Mr. Regents, your language (or tone) is not appropriate for a professional conversation. I’m going to hang up now and we can talk when you feel calmer.”

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