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Think you’re too small (or can’t afford) to offer online chat? Maybe not

More than 75% of customers would like to connect with a person before buying something online. But chat’s something only big companies can afford to do, right? Maybe not. 

New technology lets small- and mid-size companies offer online, real-time chat.

Agents can use automated response and personalized messages with Netop Live Guide – a basic plan that companies can get for less than $40 a month. It also allows agents to handle several inquiries at one time, and contact center leaders have analytics available to monitor performance and customer behavior and satisfaction.

What’s more, most vendors can have agents up-and-running with online chat within a day. Velaro has a package that starts at less than $55 per agent, and claims agents can be chatting within minutes.

Most importantly, the agents behind chat need to be those with the existing strong written communication skills. Although chat is a more informal way to communicate, customers still expect exchanges to remain professional.

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