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Think your online tools are enough?

If you think your online customer service tools are helpful enough, new research suggests you might be mistaken.

Only 51% of customers in a Forrester Research study were satisfied with online tools – such as web self-service and FAQs. That’s down from two years prior, when 56% of customers were satisfied with online tools.

One of the biggest problems with online tools is outdated information – not technical issues. Customers can’t find what they need to know because it doesn’t exist.

A key to keeping customers satisfied: Update information regularly. Gather data on the most frequently asked questions on the phone and in email. Incorporate the least technical questions and answers into your typical online FAQs and information. Most importantly, update them as your selling cycle, seasons, customer needs, etc., change to answer their newest questions. Also post the date of the update so customers know it’s the most current data available.

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