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The top 10 goals of contact centers in 2011

Have you set the right course for 2011? Here’s what other contact center leaders plan to accomplish this year.

This list of top 10 goals comes from research and trend watching by DMG Consulting experts.

  1. Improve the customer experience.
  2. Improve productivity.
  3. Reduce operating expenses which goes hand-in-hand with improving productivity.
  4. Increase customer retention – often the motivation for improving the customer experience.
  5. Reduce agent attrition.
  6. Increase sales. It was the No. 2 goal for enterprises, but in 6th place for contact centers.
  7. Increase customers’ use of self-service systems.
  8. Better understand the reasons why customers call and e-mail – which could reduce call and e-mail volume, increase agent productivity and decrease costs.
  9. Improve collections.
  10. Support regulatory requirements.

To make sure your contact center achieves at least most of your goals (whether they’re similar to these or not) focus on these two keys:

  • Write and post the goals. When goals are in clear sight of everyone in the contact center, they’ll more likely work toward them.
  • Revise. What’s important now may not be important in July. Change, progress and update as needed.

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