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The quickest way to turn off customers

Of the hundreds of ways for you to turn off customers, the quickest is to do this … 


And it could be about anything …  your job, your hours, your commission, the bureaucracy that holds you back, the boss who doesn’t appreciate or understand you, the economy, the price-cutters who are stealing your business, and so on.

No job is without disappointments. It’s normal to feel frustration. It’s just not wise to express that frustration to your prospects or customers. They have their own problems. They are working with you to help solve them. Or prevent them. Or, at the very least, put them out of their minds for a little bit while they focus on something more positive — hopefully you and your sales presentation.

What they want to hear

Customers aren’t there to hear about your problems or complaints. What they really want to hear is just the opposite. They want salespeople to tell them how to save money or make their lives easier. They want salespeople to explain why they love the products or services they sell.

Prospects can sense it right away when they deal with positive salespeople who love what they do. When they sense it, they are much more likely to spend.

So simply declaring your love and enthusiasm for your job can be a powerful sales builder.

Adapted from:Selling to the New Elite,” by Stephen Kraus, James Taylor and Doug Harrison, each of whom is a key member of the Harrison Group and a recognized expert in sales training. 

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