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The huge difference between a ‘delighted’ customer and ‘satisfied’ one

Satisfied customers might hang up happy, but they might not buy again. Here’s how contact center agents can get customers to stay and purchase.

Delight more customers. Reason: “Delighted” customers are five times more likely than “satisfied” customers to buy again, according to the Ipsos Loyalty Report.

Here are three tactics for agents to take customers from satisfied to delighted:

  • Send a note. Drop a handwritten thank you in their shipment or follow-up a phone call with a personal e-mail thanking them for the opportunity to help.
  • Don’t give up. When you don’t have an answer, pledge to stay on the issue until it’s resolved. Update customers with progress.
  • Surprise them. Periodically, put something extra in their order or discount a service or product without telling them. The reduced invoice will be an incentive to buy again.

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