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The good, the bad and the ugly of all those meetings you have

Are all those meetings scheduled in your contact center really necessary? New research reveals the good, bad and ugly behind work meetings.

Leaders say that about half of the meetings they attend accomplish nothing, a recent ManageEliteTraining survey found.

On the bright side, most people (61%) think they attend just the right number of meetings in a week. Only about a third think they attend too many, and a very small percentage (16%) believes they should attend more.

One of the worst problems with meetings: They seldom start or end on time. The over-run on time is what often makes employees feel like they aren’t getting much accomplished – in the meeting and definitely toward their other job duties.

To make sure meetings are more productive, and worth leaders’ and agents’ time:

  • Close the door. Latecomers will learn quickly that starting on time is important when they arrive to a closed door and a meeting that started at its designated time.
  • Set a an end time. Set a timer to go off when the meeting is set to end.
  • Set limits on debate. Allow people who want to talk three minutes to make their points. Anything longer than that can be done in a follow-up email.

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