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The fastest way to lose customer loyalty

More than 60% of customers will dump you if this is done to them.

Fail to let customers know you value them, and they won’t find it necessary to be loyal to you. That’s what Henley Business School and CDC Software researchers recently found.

Even more customers (75%) in the study believe customer service is at an all-time low.

Customers often feel under-valued when contact center staff don’t recognize them as repeat customers and fail to recognize the emotions customers feel as they face issues. Customers also would like to be rewarded for their continued business with incentives from time to time.

What contact centers can do:

  1. Flag customers’ accounts so agents know how long customers have been loyal.
  2. Establish perks, incentives, discounts or bonuses that can be extended to loyal customers based on their longevity with the company.

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